About Us

Capstone Connections is an international consulting company specializing in interdisciplinary strategic research and communications. We counsel corporate clients, government agencies and regional administrations primarily in emerging markets on conceptualizing and designing impactful projects based on public-private partnership. We are passionate about bringing change for our partners and communities we operate in to make a difference locally and internationally.

Our consultants come from various backgrounds, markets and industries but they are united by ambitious goals, professionalism and integrity. They are committed to develop long-term thinking and sustainable capabilities for clients and partners. A distributed international network of global professionals that excel in their fields of expertise is our major and an unparalleled competitive advantage that we constantly expand and develop.

Our principals have been working at the intersection of public affairs, international relations, human capital management and venture capital. They actively participate in the work of Expert Council of the Russian Federation, Open Government and Agency for Strategic Initiatives; consult and conduct executive search projects for various regions and ministries, including Ministry for Telecom and IT; have authored or been cited in over 100 publications in national and global media; regularly speak at professional technology, international affairs and HR events in Russia, US, France, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc.

Our research network includes academics and consultants with advanced degrees working for leading consulting firms, conducting research at major universities and working for international organizations.